You are thinking of remodeling your home. Your life is centered around your current location. Kids love their school. You have friends. But you wish your home was more modern, fixed up, and better adapted to your life and needs. You've thought about having your home remodeled. But you wonder if it's something you can afford.

Issues & Costs To Consider Before Remodeling

How long will remodeling take? Will you be able to live in your home when it's being renovated? These are important questions. Yes, having your home remodeled can lead to a very exciting and satisfying outcome. But the process of construction and the expense associated with it can be more than you expected.

In many ways building a new kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom is just as complex, if not more difficult, than building a new home. You contractor may have to tear out the old construction and build something entirely new. This isn't cheap. It takes lots of expensive materials and a dedicated crew of very experienced construction professionals. There are many hours of work involved in a remodel when it's done right. And the cost can mount as materials and hours stack up.

In general, you will pay tens of thousands of dollars for each room that is fully remodeled. Most people get a second loan to pay for this. It will add to the amount you are already paying in your monthly mortgage. For many the remodel effectively doubles their monthly home payment and may go far beyond that.

Before a remodel can happen you will need to move all your possessions out of the affected area. This means there is furniture and boxes of items stuffed here and there all over your home. Sometimes there are delays in construction while the contractor waits for needed specialists to have time in their schedule to complete the work.

The bottom line is you may have significant inconvenience in your life while you wait for your remodel to be completed. The cost of owning your home often goes up substantially. And this is especially true if your home needs lots of repairs and upgrades.

What's the solution?

1 Remodel Construction St Louis
1 Remodel Construction St Louis

We are the St. Louis construction company that buys homes and pays you cash. Instead of sinking all your money into a remodel, it is often much cheaper and satisfying to sell your home, then use that money to buy a newer, larger, or better home. In the end your monthly payments can be lower. You also don't have to go through the inconvenience of having your home under construction.

This particularly makes sense if your home needs repair. If it needs fixes, painting, new roof and more, that could drive the cost quite high. We buy your home in almost any condition, then we fix it up at our own expense.

Selling your home to us is far easier and cheaper. It's the perfect answer for anyone who is recovering from a divorce, inherited a home they don't want to keep, has a home that needs a lot of repairs and upgrades, if you're moving for a new job, or if you simply don't want to wait for your home to sell on the real estate market.