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We are local St Louis construction & real estate professionals bettering St Louis house by house, and we need your help! Construction is endless, expensive and agent costs are skyrocketing! Avoid all the hassle and know your property is in great hands that will remodel the residence for a deserving and thankful St Louis family! Currently buying historic houses, issue properties, properties with bad roofs, homes that new system work, building with damaged foundations and walls, ugly houses, old real estate holdings, properties in probate and anything other St Louis properties that need some love!

STLSell & 1Remodel can make this simple, we check out the location, bring in our construction pros if the property represents a possible real estate purchase by us, then give you a quick close, no inspection cash offer! Complete the title work, and cash could be in the seller's hands with a quick, secure property purchase from! 


  1. Complete the necessary information about yourself, the client, so we can contact you to set up a viewing of the property you wish to sell.
  2. Complete the basic property information area describing the condition and location of the property. If you don't know a price, that's fine we will make an offer anyway!
  3. Submit the form and a local St Louis representative will contact you to set up a viewing and get you the most cash, quick for your house, home or property!

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Sell Us Your Property! Easy Fast St Louis Mo Real Estate Purchasing From Local Construction professionals 1 Remodel & Remodel STL!